Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm IN LOVE again...

Today I'm feel really excited and super TIRED. Well, I was accidentally fall 'in love' with PHYSICS. I don't know why larh.. maybe coz I was found that this subject was interesting. The true is, anything that have connection with math, I'll love it. And the best moment was Asla and I were completed the Physics task and beat DANNY... wargh.. hahahax~  Finally, I hope I can beat him in the first test during this March....

But unfortunately, I was having a terrible cramps on my legs. Such a pain. I can't even walk normally. And the worst is I was FELL from the stairs yesterday. Hahax~ I don't know larh how I can fell easily. Maybe I was too tired kot.

I'm also fell guilty as I didn't join the KAWAD.. I'm actually want to join it but I have to think about my homeworks and studies. How I want to study if I'm sleeping during class..?? I'm really lazy with reading so my only way to get a good results by pay MORE attention during the class. I'm actually rarely study at home. Maybe I got a good result by LUCK or by PAYING ATTENTION in da class. So, I cannot let myself feel sleepy during class right..?

Okay, thats all for today. I want to sleep already.