Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frust!! My UNLUCKY day...

2day was da worst day for this week! Firstly, I was being punished by CIKGU. HE said that I was late and I didn't know that 2day I had to come as usual. What I knew was 2day form 4 students including ME was having a PENDAFTARAN and don't have to come early. Then after that we can went back as soon we finished register ourselves. But why suddenly the schedules changed? Such a pain! Bcoz of this incident, I had threw away my trust wif this skol! I'll never and EVER trust this skol that easily punished innocent students without asking their excuses & problems. For ur information, I never come late to da skol! Although I may look like a STUPID student, I never & ever fail in my exams since I was kindergarden ok! I'm don't want to be proud but I'm one of da top STUDENTS in this skol! So, don't YOU dare to challenge me! I'm not as good as an angel but I can be worst than a devil.

Secondly, another problems visited me. When I thought that 2day I may not SEE him, I'm completely wrong! Why I have to be like this? Such a misfortune.

Maybe this is not my day. Whatever happen, I'll never give up.

Thats all for today. Wish me GOOD LUCK.. Oyasumi(^^,)