Friday, November 12, 2010

Why I need to be LIKE THIS..!!!

     Okay fine..!! I'm certainly hate school holiday.. nothing FUN I can do.. All I can do is EAT, SLEEP, EAT, SLEEP... what if i'm getting more "chubby"..??? ohh no0..!!!! such a misfortune.. I miss my fwen especially my B.F.F..!!! I miss all my fwen laugh. I miss ALL of it..!!!! HUARGH....!!!! 

     This holiday will full of fun if my parents bring me to a vacation or something but they need to WORK..!!! Then my bro still have to go to da skol lak... ish..ish.. The most worst part is my parents didn't allow me to HANGOUT wif my BFF & Fwen..!!! they treated me like a KID..!!!! So, nothing I can do... :'( 

     I hope 2morrow & the day after it will full of fun or something....( I hope lah ).. if not, I may b'come CRAZY & CRAZY &  more CRAZY...!!!!!! okay, that's it for now.. I'm going to watch some anime lah coz I can only ONLINE at night.... such a pathetic...

Oyasumi.... ^^

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