Friday, December 31, 2010

Sayonara 2010 Konnichiwa 2011

I'm feel really sad as 2010 will leave all of us.. there are a lot of sweet and bitter memories through this year. 
@ aQ jumpa mcm2 jenis org... Ada gila2 cam aQ, ada juga yg serius smcm... 
@ aQ dpt m'nguasai subjek SJ dgn baik... ( sejarah tue subjek lemah aQ )... so0, thanks to cikgu Widyawati 4 teaching me wisely..
@ aQ menghadapi PMR & dpt result yg cemerlang...^^
@ aQ tlh menambah ketagihan aQ t'hdp anime..( bkanlah berita baik pun )
@ anD mcm2... ndak taw apa aQ mau tulis..

In 2011 I will...
@ change my attitude.
@ study harder & smarter
@ be a better than before
@ reduce my addicted toward ANIME
@ improve my CRAZINESS
@ learn to be a diligent person as I'm very LAZY girl..
@ never think about BOY and LOVE... Study dlu...
@ tighten my relationship with my friends and BFF...

so0, the conclusion is I will change myself and be a better person than before..
Sayonara 2010.. 
Hello@Konnichiwa 2011...

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